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My foundation psychotherapeutic training is in Body Psychotherapy, which makes my approach distinctive.

People usually seek therapy because they are in distress. Body Psychotherapists are trained to be aware of how pain and trauma may manifest physically, as well as emotionally. We watch and listen sensitively, becoming finely attuned to tone and resonance. This means being mindful of the body and its interplay with the mind. We understand how cognitive and physical patterns can be created over time, leading to a sense of being 'stuck' in overwhelming feelings.

Body Psychotherapy embraces psychodynamic, analytical, humanistic and relational principles. We offer this broad approach to resolve the distress of potentially long-held trauma. This release can lead to heightened physical, emotional and psychological well-being and a sense of fulfilment.

Earlier in my life, I trained as a State Registered and Registered Psychiatric nurse at the Royal London Hospital. This combined integration has given me a solid grounding in the fundamental principles that underpin health, psychologically and physically. This training has contributed enormously to my work as a psychotherapist.

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