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Hello, my name is Jane Loukes.

I am an experienced, fully qualified and accredited psychotherapist.

I work with adults; both couples and individuals.

I am based in the peaceful Suffolk village of Hartest, where I have practised privately for more than 10 years offering both short and long-term therapy. Previously, I worked privately and at The Chiron Centre clinic in West London.

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I understand that it can be difficult to reach out for help, or talk about painful or confusing feelings that cause you distress, anger or unhappiness. My commitment is to listen to the way you feel, and help you make sense of how these feelings affect you and those around you. My focus is to work with you to create a more contented life, and more fulfilling relationships.

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"We must come forth in solitary freedom, independently. The clarification of the true self is none other than this practice we are engaged in. No one can teach us about it, no one can give it to us. We must find it for ourselves, clearly and independently."

Maurine Stuart

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